Logistic warehouses city, Logistar

One of Ajlan and Brothers Company projects

Which is a quantum leap in the field of warehouse lands schema, whereby Ajlan and Brothers Co. seek to enhance the logistics services industry and achieve the goals of the Kingdom's 2030 vision. Logistar is the largest project dedicated to warehouses in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (more than 4 million square meters) realizing specifications and technical requirements of modern warehouse construction. To achieve distinguished location and appropriate spaces.

 Logistic warehouses city location was chosen

After extensive and Wide studies, the logistics warehouse city Logistar is distinguished by its location on one of the most important pillars of the commercial and industrial strategy of the Riyadh region (Al-Kharj Road), according to the Kingdom's vision 2030. Logistar considered the ease and flexibility of movement to and from the logistic warehouses city through roads and wide internal streets, Logistar City supports current storage needs and the growth in the future.

 Logistic warehouses city, Logistar was provided

With high-level services and infrastructure facilities. Logistar schema is in line with the needs of the customers and the future requirements of commercial and industrial growth.

 Comprehensive development of Logistic warehouses city, Logistar

has included all services from asphalting, street lighting, extending electricity, water, torrents networks, and providing ambulance facilities, civil defense, police, municipality, commercial centers, parking lots and parks. Which makes Logistar a real investment opportunity for those looking for peace of mind for today and tomorrow.

Why Logistic Warehouse City, Logistar?

because logistic warehouse city understands that the needs and requirements among the customers are different, therefore Logistar has provided, designed, and implemented the customer needs and requirements by developed lands or built warehouses with the option of buying or renting.

We interact with our customers

 as quickly as possible to ensure that our offers reach to them with the option of buying or renting the developed lands or ready-to-store warehouses at just the right time for them. We pride in providing our services with:

Flexibility, Ease, Reliability, Accuracy, Competitive and Clear Prices, Providing Requirements and Needs as much as possible, Friendly Handling Environment, Smooth Procedures, and Continuous Communication.

Logistar always earns the trust of its customers and is always eager to satisfy them 100%

The largest gathering of warehouses and storage in Saudi Arabia and the Arab world with a greater expansion of all the needs of the Saudi and foreign market The largest gathering of warehouses and storage in Saudi Arabia and the Arab world with a greater expansion of all the needs of the Saudi and foreign market

Total Area

Blocks Area

Total Blocks

Expected human labor

Our Vision

Our Vision

- السعي الى تحقيق متطلبات عملائنا بأراضي مطورة تلبي تطلعاتهم 
- الاجتهاد لتحقيق خدمات تسويقية متكاملة ، مبتكرة ومحترفة
- العمل بروح فريق عمل واحد، مؤهل ، محترف ، ومستعد دائما
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Our mission

تقديم عمليات ادارية وتسويقة وخدمات تنعكس ايجاباً على استثمارات عملائنا في لوجستار.

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Our mission

Our goal

To be the pioneers in providing developed lands products and ready warehouses with the options of selling and renting to support the storage spaces in the Saudi market according to the Kingdom's 2030 vision.

Our responsibility

Striving to establish a long-term successful mutually beneficial relationship with our customers

Our values

Honesty and respect, trust our customers, fulfill promises, encourage innovation, inclusiveness of knowledge, efficient working environment

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